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Combat Jaw Pain and Teeth Grinding in Dallas, PA

Goeringer Family Dentistry TMJ Disorders and Jaw Pain

The temporomandibular joint, TMJ, is a source of pain for many patients. TMJ disorders can stem from a variety of different things, including mouth trauma, jaw injury, arthritis, joint damage, and teeth clenching. TMJ disorders are fairly easy to notice, as they cause pain to your jaw. You may experience jaw pain or tenderness, pain while chewing, facial pain, and joint locking. If you experience these symptoms, call Goeringer Family Dentistry at (570) 675-3646 for an appointment. Dr. Goeringer and his staff will evaluate your jaw pain, and work out a treatment plan to alleviate the pain.

Teeth Grinding and Prevention for Dallas-Area Patients

Teeth grinding can be common in everyone, whether they realize it or not. Teeth grinding can happen when stressed, sleeping, or from an abnormal bite. Symptoms of teeth grinding include headache, sore jaw, and in extreme cases, teeth begin to wear down. If you grind your teeth, talk with the knowledgeable staff of Goeringer Family Dentistry in Dallas, PA. We can evaluate the problem and set you up with a custom mouth guard, or other treatments to combat the issue.

Children are susceptible to teeth grinding as well, mainly in their sleep. If you notice your child grinding their teeth, make an appointment with Goeringer Family Dentistry. We offer exceptional pediatric dentistry, and work closely with families to promote great oral health and hygiene.

Contact Goeringer Family Dentistry for Jaw Pain Treatment

For some, teeth grinding and jaw pain go hand in hand. Talk with Dr. Goeringer and his staff about treatments and prevention to keep your jaw and teeth safe. As a family dentist, we work to keep patients comfortable during their exams. Contact Goeringer Family Dentistry in Dallas, PA, today for jaw pain treatment and more. We proudly serve Dallas, PA; Scranton, PA; Shavertown, PA; and the surrounding areas.